Become a Junior Ski Instructor

This 2008 video by Daniel Parmelee illustrates how young people in Wintergreen Adaptive Sports' ski program are making a major difference in the disabled individuals' experience on the slopes . 

Making it Happen

Junior instructors are at the heart of our adaptive snow sports program. Junior ski instructors work with WAS adult trainers to teach students alpine snow sports or improve their skills while adhering to our motto of Safety, Fun and Learning.

The minimum age for a junior instructor is 14

Junior instructors learn the virtue of volunteer service and have the unique opportunity to serve as an assistant adaptive ski (or snowboard) instructor. Many junior instructors become lead instructors and go on to become certified snow sports instructors (PSIA or AASI), which we encourage and for which we provide funding. 

Volunteers are needed seven-days-a-week. To learn more about becoming a junior instructor call us at 434-325-2007 or email



Wintergreen Adaptive Sports depends on volunteer support off the snow and water as well. We use volunteers to help with marketing, website, data entry, upkeep, and fundraising. 

Extra hands are often needed for the Warrior Weekends in January and August, the Wounded Veteran Golf Tournament, the WAS 5k Run, and the Mardi Gras Celebration. Interested? Great! Email us at or call 434-325-2007.