Wintergreen Adaptive Sports provides outdoor sports and recreational opportunities for persons of all ages with all types of disabilities.

There’s that point of time... you’re trying to figure, ‘What is my life going to be like?’ You get out there, you’re doing something new and you attack it.
— Matthew Staton, an instructor and retired veteran who sustained injuries in Iraq
The key for successful adaptive programs is how you use the equipment and how you tailor your instruction to help your students achieve success. Our students, who are children and adults with all manner of disabilities, find they can participate and learn. Many become more independent. Our program gives them more confidence. They are reminded–as we all need to be–that there’s a big exciting world out there with a lot of things to try and do.
— Dave Shreve, Executive Director, Wintergreen Adaptive Sports

At a Glance

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports focuses on safety, fun, and learning. It is an independent 501c3 non-profit based at Wintergreen Resort in Nelson County, Virginia. WAS is a Chapter of Disabled Sports USA and a Paralympic sports club.

  • WAS celebrated its 12th Annual Wounded Warriors Weekend in 2016, offering Wounded Warrior athletes, and their family members and caregivers, an exciting weekend of snow sports instruction, rest and relaxation, and camaraderie. 
  • The Wounded Warrior Golf Tournament and clinic, started in 2009, is a widely anticipated mid-summer event.
  • The WAS slope-side hut, constructed in 2000 and expanded in 2005, houses the entire adaptive snow sports program.
  • Part of this program's powerful educational environment comes from its mentoring program which is expanding the opportunities for students' inclusion and participation.

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